Dicken's Family Farm's
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Hot Dicken Cider
The Family Recipe's
Soon to be the World's Largest Joke Storage Facility.. If it is not here it ain't a joke.


A product of Dicken' Farms of Kentucky
A Dicken Cider Every day will make you healthier and happier.
It will make your wife happier as well.

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Dicken Cider

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Dicken' Family Cider Recipe's
All Recipe's Here should be served piping hot!
Do not microwave your Dicken Cider.
We prefer you warm it the regular way.

Profits will go to re-establish the Dicken Family Farm.
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Dicken Cider in Song and Commercials
dickens.wav Commercial For Hot Dicken Cider

Dicken's Cider Commercial for the Maine Relatives
From a Radio Station up there.

Too Much of a Hard Dicken Cider can cause this... incohol.wav

Safety Message for all who get a Hot Dicken Cider... aerorubb.wav

Another Public Service Message for our Faithful Dicken Cider's

And Just because we love Humor here is the best humor skit ever written

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Hard Dicken Cider
In a large Dicken Cider Mug place 6 ounces of our best cider.
Then add one Premium Cinnamon stick and stir for one minute.
Add an ounce of your best Kentucky Sippin' bourbon. Preferably Makers Mark.
Stir again with the Cinnamon stick for approximately one minute
and you have a Hard Dicken Cider

 Dicken Cider

In a large Dicken Cider Mug place 10 ounces of our best cider.
That's it.. just the cider. You can if you want add a sprinkle of
Nutmeg to make the Limp Dicken Cider.

Late Night Dicken Cider

In a large Dicken Cider Mug place 8 ounces of our best cider.
Take a 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, some vanilla extract, and crush 2
almonds, Nuts for the folks in Loretto Kentucky, and put these in the cup BEFORE you put the Hot Dicken Cider over the concoction.
 Mmmmm Mmmmm good and the aroma will fill you up.

Nothing like a Big Hot Dicken Cider to help you sleep at night. Add a little bourbon and you have a Big Hard Hot Dicken Cider


These Recipe's are provided as a public service because we feel that everyone man or woman should have a Good Dicken Cider.

A Dicken Cider may not keep the Doctor away, but it will make him happy.
Get the 10oz. Dicken Cider Mug for your Hot Dicken Cider.
Better Yet get the Dicken Cider Stein.. when size really does matter.

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